Nuovo soggettario BNCF Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale Firenze Ministero della Cultura

Thesaurus availability by formats and standard protocols

The National Central Library of Florence intends to promote the bibliographic metadata use, also outside the library environment. In particular, the BNCF has established national and international collaboration with the intention of publishing its Linked data on line.
All metadata can be used, in accordance with Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence, in one of the following formats or protocols:

    SKOS/RDF version of the thesaurus can be downloaded or explored through a SPARQL endpoint.
  2. MARC21

    In order to improve the interoperability, the data of the thesaurus have been converted in MARC21 markup language.(Download).
  3. Zthes v 1.0.

    Zthes service supports searches on the following indexes:

    • all elements by word contained in terms or its notes, using the "any" and "all" operators;
    • termId by identifier, using the "=" or ">" operators;
    • termModifiedDate by updating date, using the "=" o ">" operators in date format YYYY-MM-DD;
    • termName by exact term or by initial string (asterisk *), using "=" o ">" operators;
    • termQualifier by qualifier, using the "=" operator;
    • termName, termQualifier by exact term and qualifier, using the "=" operator.

The Thesaurus BNCF is one of the datasets available on the LOD cloud and on platform.